Sunday, January 20, 2008

My new bag

This weekend I got myself a new bag. Initially saw it at Digital Mall last week and although I was sooooo tempted to buy it then, something told me to scout around in other shops first to compare prices. The price is RM178 in Digital Mall and if I use my credit card, I will have to pay 3% extra.

Thank goodness I managed to control myself that day cos when I went to Midvalley yesterday, I saw the same bag selling for the same price BUT with a 10% discount. So I got it for RM160 with no extra charges for credit card!

The bag comes with a lifetime warranty. Never really know how this type of warranty work though. Does it mean that if the bag gets torn, I can get a full replacement? Does it mean if I broke the zip, I can get a new bag?

It's a Case Logic's laptop bag. However I don't think it looks like one, right?

Looks more like a bit of backpack and a bit of duffel bag. The canvas texture and colour (green) reminds me of the small green school bag I had when I was little. Anyhow, I will be using it as my travel bag for short trips rather than as a laptop bag.

Ahhh... so happy with my purchase although I have yet to use it. I guess I should be grateful to be able to buy the things that make me feel so good. Hehe...

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