Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Convenient Way to Fly short holiday is finally here!! For a convenient and cheap transportation to my holiday destination, I opted for the "Convenient Way to Fly".

Destination?? Last month I went North (i.e. Penang) and for this month, it's way South - Singapore lo.

Aeroline is this executive couch which is very convenient (at least for me) whenever I want to go to Singapore. Reason is because I can take the bus from Menara Axis, which is very near to my office. So I would usually park my car at my office and take the feeder bus or get a kind colleague for a lift there.

I took the 4.30pm bus today and it's a single decker. It cost RM60 one way as compared to RM80 for the double decker ones. The seats are comfortable and with good leg space. Every seats come with power points too! Great for those with laptops or sucky phone batteries.

Food is served (mushroom fried rice in today's trip) and there's an "on-flight" entertainment too. However there's no individual screens. Everyone shares one main screen in front. Today they showed "Independence Day" and "The Bachelor". Yeah..2 movies as the trip takes about 5 hours. Aeroline stops at HarbourFront in Singapore.

I will be here till early Monday morning when I will take the same bus back to PJ and to work. Thank goodness nowadays there are so many options to travel between PJ and Singapore as I foresee myself travelling here often. In February onwards, "Now Everyone Can Fly" will be another option too... although I will still go for "The Convenient Way to Fly". Aiya cheapo people, what to do?

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