Saturday, January 26, 2008

Absolut Disco

If you have watched "Sex & the City", you will definitely know this poster.

Absolut Hunk Although this is a fictional poster (and a fictional product which then turned into an actual cocktail in Manhattan) just for the "Sex & the City" TV series, the brand Absolut is not.

Absolut Vodka is a Swedish brand of vodka and owned by the V&S group.

Absolut's fame came from their success in long running advertising campaigns. They have many different designs for their bottles for different campaigns. Some are simple, some are truly flamboyant. Either way, they are provocative.

The latest special edition that they came out with is "Absolut Disco". Gan bought one from Singapore's airport and it looks really cool. It's designed to look like a disco ball... or rather a disco bottle.

Absolut Disco
Absolut Disco
Absolut Disco

The glittering part is actually an outer cover for the bottle inside.

The taste? I wouldn't know as I don't drink.

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