Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big Big Car

Below is a conversation I had a couple days back:

Me: Hey you know ah?... my apartment's parking space neighbour changed his car from Wira to this big car.

GCH: Oh is it? What car is it?

Me: It's a big car la.

GCH: Oh...what car is it?

Me: It's a big big car. From the other side, you can't even see my car when he parked his big big car there.

GCH: So what car is it la??!!

Me: Err...hmm...mmm...it's a big big car lo.

GCH: Oh yeah, that helps a lot!!

Well, that happens when you talk cars to me.

I later found out that my parking space neighbour's car is a Naza Citra Toyota Estima.. ;-)


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