Thursday, June 20, 2013

My new novel from Dan Brown

Yeah...finally got Dan Brown's new novel "Inferno".

I remember how much I liked "The Da Vinci Code" the last time. I practically had to stop myself from reading and go to sleep, only to end up having weird dreams. Then the next 2 novels "Angels & Demons" and "The Lost Symbol" were equally spectacular as well. They were too good that the movies did not do them any justice.

Anyhow, those were ancient history. I bought "Inferno" a few days ago, and I have yet to start reading it. Perhaps I have lost interest in reading, or perhaps the temptation of internet and astro are overshadowing the urge to read.

Frankly I have no idea what "Inferno" is all about, and hopefully that'll add in the suspense when I actually start.

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