Sunday, June 2, 2013

My love is glowing (Sierra Glow'ing that is!)

I so love love love my new car, the Kia Forte 2.0SX. Such a big upgrade from my old car.

As with any new love, you will be obsessed (slightly or to the extreme, depending on people) and will be more than willing to "invest" on it.

I have to say that I am not extremely obsessed as compared to other Forte owners who are doing so many mods to their cars. I on another hand am more of "where can I get a nice case for my smart key", "what is a nice decoration to put on the dashboard" or "how to change the skin of the head unit" kind of owner. So I do not think I have been spending a lot of money on enhancing my new love.. until today.

Today, I sent my Forte for coating.

So what is coating and why does our car need it? Well...I am not a car person and from what I gathered, coating is to apply a layer of semi-permanent substance onto the car's paint to preserve it. Besides preserving its beauty, it also makes the car easier to wash & maintain... and that is the main reason that attracted me.

After surveying from forums and asking friends who coated their cars, I settled for Sierra Glow mainly for its reasonable price as well as good reviews. If you are a Forte owner and a member of MyForte Club, you get a discount too!

So after making the appointment, off I went to get my love coated today. I reached the shop in USJ around 9.35am (they open at 10am) due to my kiasu'ness. Well, Mr Choong (the director) did tell me that it's first come first serve. An Optima was already there when I arrived. So got more kiasu people than me, ok?


Waited a little while and Mr Choong arrived. Nice & friendly guy who checked my car and told me that I have to be careful with cement dust. Yeah...a lot of construction happening at my residential area as well as nearby my office. If not cleaned often, these cement dust will harden with moisture & will be difficult to get off.

After chatting with him for a while, his staff arrived, I passed them my key and they started to wash my car.


Mr Choong proceeded to explain the benefits of coating vs waxing & polishing, and his product. Well these are something which I have already read from his website, but it's good that he ensures his customers know what they are getting.

After that, he got me to sign a form and then I left the vicinity as I didn't want to wait 5-6 hours (as stated in the website) there. Around 4 hours later, I received his SMS informing me that my car is done. Not bad!... 4 hours instead of 5-6 hours. My car must have been easy to coat as it is new and without scratches yet. 

When I got back to Sierra Glow, there my love was... glowing like a diamond in the sky (sorry, I couldn't resist using Rihanna's hit).


Love love love it!

Sierra Glow's coating comes with a 5 years warranty and in cases where the coating diminishes, they will do touch ups for you. I shall wait and see on how long the coating will lasts, but I can't deny how I love love love the glow on my Forte now.

Sierra Glow (M) Sdn Bhd

No: 26 Jalan Industri USJ 1/3,
Taman Perindustrian USJ 1,
47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor,

Contact person: Mr Choong: +6016 - 217 0312

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