Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Service

After driving my new Kia Forte for 3 weeks, it has reached the 1000km mark & time to "de-virginised" i.e to go for its first service.

So I chose a work day thinking that I would probably be the only one there. To my surprise when I reached, there were already around 5 cars there for servicing. Couldn't imagine if it's on a weekend.

The girl at the reception gave me the impression that she didn't like her job much or it could be the time of the month. Too bad for her black face, or she could be considered as pretty.

She asked a few basic questions on my car's service history & car issues, and entered all these into her computer. Then told me that the cost will be around RM170+ for the lubricants (discounted price) and to wait for around 2 hours. Hmm....people have been telling me that 1st service would just take a breeze.

So here I am, at the service center, waiting & waiting.

Info that I got from forum is that Fuel Consumption (FC) for new cars are usually high & after a few services, it will get better.

My car's has been at the average of 10.8l/100km which is around 20cents/km on 90% city driving, as in getting caught in the jams. Hopefully FC will get better after this.

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