Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Short Term Pain

I am in pain. My right gums felt like they are being scrapped away from my jaw and my throat felt as if a hammer just hit it. When I looked at the mirror, the right of my face is swollen. My face doesn't look symmetry anymore. :-(

Yes... I did my wisdom tooth extraction today. It didn't go as smoothly as what my dentist and I have hoped for. You see, my tooth broke during the extraction and the dentist had to break the stump to small pieces in order to remove them. I sat on the dreaded chair for about an hour... and in the middle of the procedure, the suction system stopped working! Thank goodness after about 5 minutes, they managed to get that fixed. Else my mouth would be filled with blood as if I am a vampire after a feast. Oh by the way, it cost me RM520.

So now that the anaesthetic has worn off, I am left with the pain. I can only hope that the painkillers that I swallow will take effect almost immediately, but after a few hours the cycle of pain repeats itself. Boo hoo hoo.... Gosh will I get to sleep tonight?

Anyhow, I know this is just a short term pain. Everyone has been telling me that after a few days, the pain will go away. Just hope the short term here means VERY short term.

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