Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sticky except ...

I read somewhere before that one of the pugs' traits is being "sticky". They are bred for companionship, therefore they need to be near people all the time.

Axel is no different. When I am at home, he would follow me everywhere and I must be within the radius that he could see me. If I go into my room or toilet and close the door, he would patiently sit in front of the door and wait for me to come out.

So in short... Axel is always sticking around me... except for one situation....

His bathing time!!!

When he sees all the signs of me wanting to give him a bath, he would stay far away from me, hiding in the "security" of his kennel.

I always try to respect his delusion of that "security" and so I don't just go and pull him out. Instead I would use the secret weapon to lure him out... treats!! Yeah, that's another trait of pugs... their weakness for food! Hehehe.

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