Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am such a terrible person

I am such a terrible person.

Just now I received this SMS from an unknown number asking me to meet up at my apartment's management office on Saturday. I replied back asking who it was and what it's about. Then that person called me and I found out that he's my downstairs neighbour.

He wanted to meet me up to talk about my toilet leak, which actually it's more of a drip. You see, he made a complaint sometime back but we couldn't find anyone to really confirm that the problem was really from my unit. So after a while, it sort of died down as I didn't receive any news.

Then a few months back, I received a call from my management office confirming that the problem was indeed from my unit. As management did not want to get involved, they said my downstairs neighbour will call me to sort things out. For a while after that, I didn't get any call or news from my neighbour about this. So I assume no problem lo.

Then 2 days ago I got this letter from my management telling me that according to the strata title bla bla bla, I have to fix the leakage and all expenses would be borne by me. When I got the letter, I already decided to get it fixed as I just want them to stop bothering me. However I need to look for the right contractor and right time to do that. After all, I need to relocate Axel (my pug) somewhere else and I have to take leave to be home when the contractors are there, right?

When I got the SMS today, I just got really pissed. In my mind I was like "Can't you all just bloody leave me alone!!".

So when talking to this guy, I was really rude and told him that unless he wants to pay half of the expenses, he would need to wait until I get the money and time to fix it. I practically yelled at him (cos my colleague from another room could hear me) and told him to stop disturbing me or to ask the management to pester me. This guy who is a pensioner was docile and kept apologizing. I vented out my anger and finally promised him that I would get that done by end June.

After I put down the phone, I got conscience-stricken. That poor man.... I smsed him to apologize for being rude and reiterated that I would get the thing fixed by end June.

He replied "No problem Sir. Take care and may God bless you and your family".


I am such a terrible person. :-(

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