Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DiGi Tariff Transparency

DiGi rolled out this new feature which enables you to check whether the number you are going to call to is a DiGi subscriber or not.

You just need to send a SMS with the message "Check <10 digit phone number>" to 2000 and DiGi will reply telling you whether that number is a DiGi subscriber or not... and the best of all, it's a free service. How cool is that?? Click here for more info.

However as DiGi's tariff is flat across all numbers no matter which service provider you are calling to, I don't actually see the point of this. Hmm...maybe you can use this to determine who you can add into your "Friends and Family" list. Only DiGi subscribers can be added into this list and you get charged lower when calling or SMS'ing them.

I think Maxis should have something like this for their subscribers as they get charged higher if they call to other service providers.

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