Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pain Pain Oh!!

I have always hated going to the dentist. Most of the time, I would avoid them until I really had to.... and this time around, it looks like I really have to. :-(

I visited the dentist more than 6 months ago when I had this pain on my wisdom tooth. I ended up having the cavities of a few teeth patched and was advised to extract the problematic wisdom tooth. However after the dentist applied some stuff which took away the pain, I decided to skip that minor surgery and never again returned to see her. I guess I was thinking if I could ignore the problem, it would go away after a while. After all, no more pain ma.

2 days ago, the same wisdom tooth reminded me of its existence again. There is this throbbing pain on my gums and it's so painful whenever I opened my mouth wide. It felt as if my right jaw would dislocate. Besides that (as if it's not bad enough), it came with sore throat. I have to resort to painkillers for relief.

Sigh... guess I have no choice but to get it over with once and for all!! So so scared thinking about this sharp blade cutting through my gums and then getting the tooth pulled out. Also the pain after the anaesthetic worn off.

Anyhow, I will need to get this done. Have to make the appointment with my dentist again. I think she will look at me, smile and say "I told you so!".

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