Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When the ship reaches the dock

My company's CEO sent out an email today announcing that there will be a 8% workforce reduction worldwide and a series of cost cutting measures. What we have feared all along is finally here... although it's no longer a surprise when almost all companies are going through the same thing.

Anyhow there is no news on whether our office here in KL is affected. We did hear rumours that some have been laid off in our Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam offices. Online news have also reported that 100 people were already laid off from our HQ.

Guess there is nothing much we can do except to wait. However so far I didn't see any signs that our office here will be affected... but you'll never know. It's not something that is within our control and if we are that unlucky, we just have to accept it and try to move on.

Like the Chinese saying "When a ship reaches the dock, it will eventually straighten itself accordingly". I understand it as no matter how difficult the obstacle is, we will eventually find a way to get through it.

I better sleep now and get up for gym early tomorrow while I can still afford to pay for it.

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