Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh oh... it's really getting closer

Lately a friend of mine has been telling me about his worries that he would be laid off as he could see some restructuring happening in his company. His current company is my ex-company and so, I know a little bit about it... well, at least I thought I knew. You see, this company is really huge and was always on its recruitment drive as they have this problem with retaining their employees.

So when my friend told me his concern, I confidently assured him that this thing is the last thing he should be worried about. I told him that the company is already understaffed and couldn't retain its existing people, so why would they ask the remaining employees to leave.

I was wrong, so wrong. This evening, my friend called me and told me that some of the contractors in his department were already asked to pack up and leave. I was so shocked. Thank goodness my friend's job is still intact... and I hope it remains so.

Anyhow this news jolted me back to reality. Oh oh... it's really getting closer.

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