Friday, February 1, 2008

Piglet and Papa Pig

I saw the following clip from a website long long time ago and it was so funny. I gave the link to my nephew and niece and they watched it so much that they could memorise all the conversations.

I stumbled across it again in YouTube today. You will need to know Mandarin to really appreciate it. I translated the conversations into english for those of you who don't. I don't think the translation did the clip any justice but well, give me credit for trying lah....


1st Conversation
Piglet: Daddy, today I found 10 dollars but I have returned it back to that person.
Papa pig: Good girl!! So did that person say "Thank you"?
Piglet: No la...only when he pulled my ear that I returned it to him. In such situation how would he say "Thank you"?

2nd Conversation
Piglet: Papa, if there's a 5 dollars note and a 10 dollars note on the floor, which would you take?
Papa pig: Of course I will take the 10 dollars note.
Piglet: Papa you are so dumb! Why don't you take both!!

3rd Conversation
Piglet: Papa, why when that person came and asked you to return his money last month, you told him that you didn't have any money.. and this month when he did the same, you still told him that you didn't have money?
Papa pig: Aiya I must keep to my words ma...

4th Conversation
Piglet: Daddy... today at the school, the teacher asked us to do donation.
Papa pig: HUH! Then did you tell her that you don't have any money??!!
Piglet: I did! but she said you have!!

5th Conversation
Piglet: Papa, why are other people's houses so big whereas ours is so small?
Papa pig: Papa doesn't have money ma...
Piglet: Then what's the way to get big big house?
Papa pig: You must study hard and when you grow up, you will earn a lot of money and will be able to buy many big houses.
Piglet: Then why didn't you study hard when you were little???

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