Monday, February 11, 2008

Deal or No Deal?

Ever wonder how SMS contest on TV works?

Well last night I did an exploration of my own while watching "Deal or No Deal".

Deal or No DealLooks pretty simple from the screen, just send DDE to 39868 to participate. I thought well... it's only RM1, what the heck! So I went ahead and sent the SMS.

In return, I received this:

Question 1Such an easy question, right? So happily I sent my reply. Then came another SMS.

Question 2Oh oh....not an easy one. Nothing that Wikipedia can't solve yah? So after finding the answer, I quickly send my reply again. A few seconds after that, my phone beeped again.

Question 3Oh such an easy one. I got my confidence back again. You don't even have to think, right? So off I sent my answer.

Question 4Gosh...who cares about such things??? Anyway Wikipedia is always a good friend in situation like this. After finding the answer, I sent my reply again. that's the last of the questions. I am sure if you are in my situation, you would be damn curious to know how you did. So I sent DDE RANK to check on my ranking.

RankMy ranking was 71... which means it is totally hopeless to win 20% of the Deal or No Deal participant's winnings.

So what did I get to lose? RM4.60 for the received SMSes. I wonder how much I get charged for sending the SMSes to this shortcode.

Anyhow, every lesson comes with a price. For this, it cost a minimum of RM4.60.

Now I finally know how SMS Contest on TV works. Is it worth it?

Deal... or No Deal?

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