Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Working during CNY Eve

The office is sooooo quiet today. I bet even when it gets later, it will still be very quiet. Well, it's Chinese New Year's eve and many of my chinese colleagues (including my boss) had already taken leaves to go back hometown for the celebration.

As for me, I am celebrating it here this year as my parents have already "migrated" to KL. We will be having the "Tuan Nien Fan" (get together dinner) at my 2nd sister's place tonight. Pity my 2nd sister though... she sent her maid away recently due to incompatibility issues between my mom and the maid. So now she has to do almost everything at home herself.

I should leave the office about lunch time today. Last week when talking to my boss, I jokingly asked her whether we get half day off on Chinese New Year's eve. She said that usually for eve of a major celebration day, we work till 3pm. Then she smiled and said "Then again, I am not around, right?"... cool is my boss eh??

Anyway I am all set with my holiday mood already. I wonder how much work I will be doing today... ;-p

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