Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's your f*****g problem?

I had a funny experience when collecting my cheque book today. 2 days ago, I received this letter from my bank asking me to change my cheque book. Apparently Bank Negara is changing their cheque truncation system and the existing cheques will no longer be compatible when they roll out the system.

So I went to my bank to settle this and waited for my turn to be served at this small little glass window thing. I don't understand why most banks' cheque collection booths are designed like that. Anyway there was this long haired cool looking guy queueing behind me. When it's finally my turn, I passed the letter, my old cheque book and my IC to the officer there.

The officer then went somewhere else to get my cheque book and during this time, this middle aged lady seemed to suddenly appeared from nowhere and cut to the front of the line. She looked at the cool looking guy queueing behind me and shouted "I just want to ask a question!". Then she looked around for the officer and as he wasn't there, she just asked the thin air "Where is the guy ah?". Aiya..she wasn't looking at me when she asked ma... so I assumed she was asking the thin air and just kept quiet.

Then finally the officer came with my new cheque book. She then asked the officer in a very "chor lo" manner about this new cheque matter and whether the existing cheques can still be used. The officer replied that the existing cheques can be used until June 08.

She then looked at me with piercing eyes and asked yelled "THEN WHY ARE YOU CHANGING YOUR CHEQUES NOW??!!!" as if I have stolen something from her!

I was stunned... collected my composure back.. and told her in my usual well mannered self (ehem, ehem), "Because I got a letter asking me to!". Then I grabbed my new cheque book and walked away without looking at her.

Well I could have answered her "WHAT'S YOUR F*****G PROBLEM?!!" but that's just not me, right? *Wink*

People can be so funny sometimes...

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