Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quality Friends

It's often fun and refreshing meeting up with my ex Buddhist society uni-mates. When we meet up, we seldom talk about how much we are earning, or how big are our houses, or what new cars we are driving, or what shares we are buying. Instead we catch up on how we are doing in our lives (minus the superficial part) and new methods of keeping healthy and living a better life (again, minus the superficial part).

I had the chance to meet them up again yesterday for a Pre-CNY celebration at a Shabu-Shabu restaurant in Bandar Puteri. It was a small group, just 7 of us... but I feel the number is just right. We talked about lots of things, from updating each other on how we are doing to Ayurveda cleansing and "The Secret" book/movie.

Throughout the conversation, I gathered 2 very important points that I should constantly remind myself of. They are

1) Look beyond the black dot

White paperMany times we tend to concentrate on things that we are not happy with. In doing that, we forgot to see the other aspects of our lives that are going well. Just because of a small black dot, we forgot about the whole piece of white paper! Count your blessings!!

2) Stop complaining

Stop ComplainingWe often complain about things that are not going smoothly in our lives... incompatible partners la, terrible friends la, chaotic family la, sucky job la, not earning enough money la, etc etc.... Sometimes we know what we should do to make things better, but we are either too lazy to take those efforts or we dare not take the risk to change. If we are not taking any actions to improve the situation, then stop complaining! Complaining will just make things more negative for us as we will keep imprinting in our minds on how things suck; and it does not make things better!!

I am very grateful that I still have such friends to talk about such things. Although I may forget all these sometimes, I know there will always be these people around to put me back on my feet. ;-)

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