Sunday, February 17, 2008

WD Passport

After thinking about getting a portable hard drive for such a long time, I finally got myself one from Lowyat Plaza today. I need one desperately to backup my files from my laptop as it is starting to show symptoms of "dying"; and there are just those files that you wouldn't want the repairman to see, right? *Wink*....Files with detailed personal information la.. What else did you think I mean??? la, not like those in Edison Chen's case. Even if there are, I doubt there would be anyone who is interested.

Anyway, I do have an existing generic portable hard drive that I bought a few years back. It's the type where they took a laptop's hard drive and put on an external hard drive casing. It is only 20GB but cost me RM300+ during that time. It's so expensive then as compared to now. Anyhow, it is not enough for me to backup all my personal files and downloaded TV series.

So today after scouting a few products and shops, I settled for one from Western Digital. It is called the WD Passport. I got the 160GB one for RM295 from this shop called MyPC. This shop offered the cheapest price as the others were selling the same thing for over RM300.

WD PassportI thought it looked really simple and stylish. I wanted the white one (very Mac'ish) but it was out of stock. So I picked the red one.

WD Passport

This is not considered a new "toy" as there is nothing you can really play with. Guess that's why I don't feel excited about it... unlike the person who went with me to Lowyat and got himself a Garmin GPS Navigator. I am so green with envy...

Anyway, here's some information about WD Passport, if you are interested:

Key Features
Easy - Installation is a snap because you don't really "install" this drive; you just plug it in and it's ready to use. There is no CD to install; the included software loads from the drive the first time you plug it in.
Smart - Powered by the USB bus. No separate power supply is needed.
More space - capacities up to 320 GB means you can take even more of your photos, videos, files and music with you wherever you go.
Ultra-portable - This compact drive fits easily in your pocket or purse, weighs only a few ounces and holds tons of valuable data.
Synchronized and secure - WD Sync™ synchronization and encryption software lets you take your critical data with you. Plug WD Passport into any PC, edit files, read e-mail, and view photos. Then sync all of your changes back to your home or office computer. Your data is protected with 128-bit encryption. (Windows only)
Includes Google™ software - Search your drive, manage your photos, and simplify Web searches with included Google software. (Windows only).
Storage with style - Designed with a glossy case to make a perfect storage style.
Compatible - Use with Windows® and Macintosh® computers

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