Thursday, May 29, 2008

When the light goes out

This morning when I was rushing to go to work, the light in my bathroom just went out. I thought it must be a power trip or something but then discovered that my water heater was still working. You see, whenever I turn on my water heater, it would give me this very loud noise as if there were many tiny workers running on hamster wheels powering it up.

So the first thing that came to my mind (and yours too, most probably!) was that the light bulb must have burned out. So I pulled it out, put it into a plastic bag and headed to work. I need it as a sample when buying new ones mah!

During lunch time, I volunteered to take my colleagues out to Giant so that I could go buy some replacement bulbs. The Giant's guard only let me in when the Customer Support stuck this "Sample" sticker on the bulb I was carrying.

Alas I found the replacements and happily I thought I would get three as spare. Took these three to the electrical testing corner to ensure that they were not defective. Passed them to this tester guy and found the new bulbs worked superbly. Then out of curiosity, I asked the guy to test the one that I have brought along. And you know what?.... the bulb was actually working! It shone so brightly as if mocking me in my face!!

Grrrrrreeat!! Now I have no idea what's wrong with my bathroom's light. If it's just the bulb or power trip, I have no problem. Now, I don't even know how and where to troubleshoot. Somemore I probably need to climb up and disassemble the whole light down.

I have a feeling it will stay like that for a little while.

Hope I don't miss any spots when bathing.

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