Friday, May 9, 2008

Economy Rice Lady

As work been extremely busy lately, my colleagues and I have been packing our lunches from the nearby stalls almost everyday. Gone were the days when we drive out and have long elaborate lunch... but I am praying hard that those days will come back again soon.

Anyway there is this economy rice stall near my office which I go for "ta pao" most of the times. One of the owners of this stall is a chirpy middle aged lady who is very friendly and likes to make conversations. Sometimes I would entertain her, sometimes I just smiled and proceeded to get my food.

I remember one time, there were a few of us picking our choice of vege and meat from the food trays and she kept referring to this man as "uncle".
"Uncle, you have enough rice?", "Uncle, this dish is very good one, you should try it", "Uncle, that will be RM3.50", etc...

After I packed my food, I said to my colleague "If she calls me an uncle like that, I will go kill myself!!".

So anyway, today was a different story.

We worked till late and only got to go down the stalls after 1pm. During that time, there were not so many people having lunch. I went to the same stall and as usual, chose what I wanted. During the same time, there's this tall guy came by and wanted to buy lunch too. This chirpy lady started to make jokes and kept referring to that guy as "leng zhai" which means handsome.
"Leng zhai, you so tall I can't see you", "Leng zhai, you should take more of this or that dish", "Leng zhai, you want to order drinks?".

This guy and me finished choosing our food almost at the same time. We both placed our lunch boxes in front of this lady so that she can tell us how much to pay. She looked at our food, then looked at the guy and said "Leng zhai, yours would be RM3.00". Then she looked at me and just said "...and you, RM3.50".

Hello! Not good looking people have feelings too, you know...

Well at least she didn't call me "uncle" la...

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