Friday, May 23, 2008

Relativity Theory

Today as we were driving out for lunch, a colleague saw a Kancil parked next to his Matrix and made a statement that he never realised how small Kancil was. He said that he saw this car parked next to smaller cars like Kenari before and it didn't look so small.

Kancil vs Matrix

That was when I tried to act smart and said, "That is what called Relativity Theory".

I was actually wrong for using that term, as "Relativity Theory" was to refer to 2 scientific theories of Albert Einstein's. You can click on the link to read more. Have to warn you though as I almost fell asleep reading it.

Anyhow I am sure you get what I meant by using the term "Relativity Theory".

In simple examples,
If you wanna look slim, always hang out with people bigger than you.
If you wanna look young, always hang out with people older than you.
If you wanna look tall, always hang out with people shorter than you.

Most of the time people don't judge you based on what you have or do not have. They judge you based on how you compare with people around you. You can be considered a high flyer in one company, but when you joined another company with many well performing colleagues, you will no longer be "special". Same person, 2 different scenarios.

I guess some people can really play on this theory to be successful or at least feel good about themselves. Perhaps that's how we should play the game?

Not feeling so big now, eh?

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