Thursday, May 15, 2008


Lately I have been neglecting my fish tank for a while. Haven't done any maintenance on it for the past 2 weeks and algae had started to grow. However not to worry, all my 6 goldfish are in pink of health.

So when my major fish nut colleague told me he wanted to go to a fish shop during lunch today, I volunteered to accompany him. My motive was to buy a pair of suckerfish which we usually refer to as DBKL. As many people misunderstood, this type of fish does not eat shit.... just like DBKL doesn't clean your shit for you. Instead they eat algae and leftover fish food, thus helping to keep the tank clean....the suckerfish I mean!

There are a few type of suckerfish, the most commonly sold ones in KL are Plecostamus, Siamese Algae Eater and Otocinclus. Plecostamus can grow very big and they look horrendous. As for Siamese Algae Eater, I read that they are not very friendly with goldfish. So that left me with only 1 choice, the Otocinclus or fondly referred to as Oto (just because we do not know how to pronounce the rest of its name).

I got a pair of them for RM3.80 each to help me keep my tank clean.

When I got home and wanted to put them into my filthy tank, conscience (yes, I do have them) came over me. So I just put myself in action and clean the tank. Again, my tank is back to its splendour self. Aaaahhhhhh..... However I did not forget to leave some algae there for my 2 new friends.

Then I dropped these 2 suckers in and they seemed to adapt themselves pretty well. My goldfish have to learn though...that these are friends and not moving food. I did see one or two of my goldfish chasing after the 2 newcomers. I wouldn't worry much about it anyway as the Otos would not be able to fit into the goldfish's mouth.

I know, they are not pretty to look at... but they are functional. Not everything is about looks... or youth... or clear complexion... or fit body, okay?! Oopss...getting a bit carried away there.

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