Saturday, May 3, 2008

Close the case and move on!

Yesterday I managed to meet up an old friend in Singapore after not seeing her for a while. Although we do communicate via MSN now and then, nothing beats meeting up and talk face to face. We have been very close to each other since uni years and I am so glad that nothing has changed even after she has gotten married and became a mom. Sometimes looking back, I still think the best friends that we made are those whom we got to know during our schooling years. Perhaps people are more innocent, sincere and "real" then.

Anyway we shared about what's been going on with our lives, our frustrations (yes, complaints again!) and where we are heading in life. She's staying with her in-laws and as usual, there's always drama going on with that combination. The mother in law just loves to talk about things that have already passed. She would nag and nag about what should have been done and how it could have been done....but the thing is, all these no longer matter unless life has a Ctrl-Z to undo.

My friend said that the mother in law's greatest problem is that she can never "close the case and move on". This statement struck me like a lightning...well except that I wasn't on the ground trembling with smoke coming out from my head.

You see... recently I have been bothered by this specific bad decision that I made a few months back. I made this decision hastily based on some misinformation that I got during that time, and I have regretted it ever since. I kept wishing that I could turn back time, and looked at the situation more objectively before burning the bridge. I should have done this, I should have done that... those were all I could think of now.

Gosh, I am so hoping that the saying "Opportunity knocks but once" does not apply here. Anyhow whether it's going to or not, it's really out of my control. For now, I really need to just "close the case and move on!".

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