Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goodbye my old friend

Firstly just to clarify, nobody died...
Please read on...

My dear friend,

We have been together for a while now... and all I could remember was all the good times we had, and how you have never failed me through these years.

I am so sorry I had to make this move. As any normal human being, I succumbed to temptation, I... I.... I fell in love with "someone" else and the name is Kam Sing.

Initially I thought of keeping both of you. You can be my beck and call in case Kam Sing decided to throw tantrums. However I wasn't sure I could afford both of you. So I advertised you on a PDA forum. I thought that if no one was interested, I would get the reason to keep you.... but unfortunately, your beauty has enticed other people.

As I was packing your stuff up just now, I felt a slight ache in my heart. I hope your new owner will take care of you as well as I did. We have 2 more days to be with each other. Lets cherish the remaining moments...


Pictures of my old friend:

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