Wednesday, April 16, 2008

negative x negative = positive?

Being positive is such a great virtue to have. I really admire those who can look and experience the worst of things and yet, can still feel happy and unaffected by them.

Recently I have not been having the best of moods. Doubts, uncertainties and frustrations surfaced again. I guess it must be one of 'those' times of the month.... well, males do get mood swings too, OKAY?!!!

In such situation, what do you normally do? Some of us (if not most) would seek out friends to share the situations with, hoping that after all those complaining, we would feel better. Yes... I was and still am guilty of this.

I think if the other people were positive during that time, they would be able to look at the situation in another perspective and tell us something positive. However if the other people were as negative as us, we would just end up fuelling each other's dissatisfactions. Negative x Negative is definitely not going to be Positive in this situation.

I know I know, I should just STOP complaining and count my blessings...... but....... but........ but........ oh well, I really need to re-read my motivational books....

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