Saturday, April 5, 2008

Car Warehouse

Do you know that when you buy a new car, it will be transported from the factory to the warehouse where it will sit there until it is ready to be collected? Well, I didn't know this. Last time when I bought my Iswara and later my Matrix, I collected them from the sales offices. I didn't get to see how these warehouses look like.

Today I had this opportunity. I accompanied Gan to collect his new Myvi. The sales agent brought us to the warehouse where Gan's car was kept. The place was a rather huge old wooden building.... and it was very well guarded - by geese and stray puppies!

I wasn't scared of the puppies. Upon seeing us, one of them were barking but at the same time running far far away from us, hehe. I was a bit intimidated by the geese though. They looked.... mean!

Uncollected cars were parked compactly inside the warehouse. They were covered by layers of dust. The sales agent told us that it's very important for new owners to notify them earlier on when they want to collect the cars. Only then, the warehouse person will move the car out and get it washed. Gosh...I couldn't imagine moving a car out from that "pile".

Gan's car was already washed nicely and parked in an open area when we got there. We inspected the car inside out and everything was fine.

Well, it really doesn't matter where and how they were kept, as long as they look and function like new when they come to you, right?

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