Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I did it!!! I couldn't control myself any longer and I did it!!

Last Sunday I went to Lowyat and bought this beauty that I have been ogling at from websites and brochures.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new love - LG KS20!

Since then I have been spending much more time at home playing around with my new phone, customising it and hunt the net for nice softwares to install. This is actually a good thing as I am too broke now to frolic outside.

There are some glitches here and there; some which I managed to troubleshoot, some still outstanding. I tell you, the feeling when you finally get the problem solved was ecstasy... like the time when I finally figured out how to pair my new baby with my bluetooth handsfree.

This is my first 3G phone and having my first video call was like... again ecstasy. I did check on the charges though.. for Maxis to Maxis or Maxis to other network, it's charged like your usual voice call rate. That's a good deal right? I just have to find more friends who have 3G phones to video call with.

However I am having problems sending MMS although receiving is okay. I called Maxis CSR a few times but they could not help me as this is a very new model and they don't have the settings yet. They asked me to go to any Maxis Center so that the people there can set them up manually.
** Update: Found out the root cause and it's nothing to do with my MMS settings. My contact numbers have a space between the country prefix and the number (+xx xxxxxxxxx). This is automatically set by Outlook for contacts and when synched, I got that in my phone too. When I remove the space and send the MMS, it worked!

The camera is really good! Although it's only 2 megapixels like my old phone, the quality and shutter speed are so much better. Somemore auto focus leh...

Old (HP rx6828) vs New (LG KS20)

Like any Windows product, I did get a few "hanged" moments but after resetting, it is working fine again. The "hanging" part happened when I was installing some softwares... guess some of them were just not compatible... you know, like some people with some people.

At the moment, some of the outstanding issues I hope to find solutions to are:
- Problem logging into Skype through this device. Connected via WIFI. Kept keeping the error message "Cannot connect to Skype. Please check your connection".
**Update: Oh I managed to get this working. After installing or uninstalling the programs, it's good to do a soft reset. I did it and my Skype can connect now. Problem is I can't use it to make VOIP call. The voice quality is very badly chopped up. This apparently is due to Skype not compatible with the Qualcomm chipset in KS20.
- Setting up Activesync to my device via bluetooth. Well...I never had this luck with my previous phone too.

For professional review of this phone, you can go here and here.

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