Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blame it on the rain

When I got up this morning, I told myself "Today I must go to the gym". To make the motivation stronger, it's always nice to get someone to do that along with you. After all, once you made plan to meet someone, you will have to turn up.

So I SMS'ed JW to see whether she was interested to join me at the gym. She is like my gym buddy during the weekends now and then. Like me, she too needs plenty of exercise... hahaha... (she is so going to call me an a**hole for posting this).

However she had plans with her family and was unable to join me. In her SMS, she was like very sure that without the external "motivation", I would end up staying home. I replied back and with great determination said that I would definitely go and get fit while she remains out-of-shape (oh gosh... she is definitely going to slaughter me now).

So I got out of bed, cleaned up Axel's mess (I leave him out of his cage at night and he has been marking his territory here and there) and did some surfing for forums about my new phone. Got to know a few interesting applications for it and experimented with them. By the time I was done, it was already passed noon. So I thought I would go gym only around 3-4pm.

Then the heavy rain started to come. It rained for such a loooooong time until evening. I don't know about you guys, but my energy level goes very low when it rains. So I ended stuck to my couch in front of my laptop and TV (yes... multi tasking). My gym plan just went down the drain along with the rain water.

I know this may be unfair, but I am definitely blaming it on the rain.
Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow. I have a gym to go to. ;-p

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