Thursday, September 6, 2007

Everyone's A Critic

On my way to work today, I listened to this "critics-bashing" session by a group of radio DJs on radio. Apparently one of them released an album recently and was subjected to cruel criticisms by some self-made critics. I was not sure what the criticisms were but from what I could gathered, they had to be something very terrible as this poor girl could not eat and sleep well since she heard of them.

The thing is, don't we all get our own share of being criticised? Some may be valid and constructive; some were baseless and came from jealousy and some were just for the sake of gossip. I guess we ourselves too tend to spew out criticisms to other people sometimes... some valid, some constructive, some out of jealousy and some merely to get a topic of gossip. When we were doing that, did we ever think of how the other person would feel? We tend to forget how it felt like to be the object of scrutiny during that time, right?

What goes around comes around. So if we are so opened with giving out our criticisms, then we should be opened enough to receive some back ourselves.

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