Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bangkok Trip - Chatuchak Market

I arrived at Bangkok, Thailand around noon time on Friday. From the Suvarnabumi international airport, I took a taxi to Bangkok city for 400 baht (~RM40).

After checking into my hotel, the first thing I did was to get a prepaid SIM card so that it would be easier for my friends to contact me. I actually brought along an extra handphone (my old Sony Ericsson T610) for this purpose.

I opted for the Simple SIM by DTac. I got it from a 7-11 outlet nearby my hotel and it cost me 49 baht (~RM5) with 15 bath (~RM1.50) credit and 30 days validity period. I then recharged it with 100 bath (RM10) and my airtime validity was extended for 1 year. After that, I felt all "natural" again because I now have a Thai number!

The next day, we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market to do some shopping. So far I seemed to recall that everytime I went to Bangkok, this market would definitely be in the itinerary.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest market in Thailand. It is like a heaven for people who like to shop for cheap stuff. There are many different type of things that you can get - home decorative, cutleries, clothes, souvenirs, pets and many more.

You can easily get to this place by taking the BTS Skytrain or MRT. If you are taking the BTS Skytrain, you should stop at Mo Chit. If you are taking the MRT, the stop would be Chatuchak.

We took the BTS Skytrain to get there. The ticketing machines only take in coins but you can easily change your notes at the station's counter. Some of the pictures taken there are as below.

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