Thursday, September 13, 2007


I am planning to do a Detox Fasting this weekend. It is basically a Water Fast where for the whole day, you do not take any solid food. Water or pure fruit juice is allowed. Then the next morning, you take some "potion" and then start purging.

toiletI have used this method before a few years back but I only did it once because it was very tough!!! Imagine having to fast when you love food so much! I remember the last time when I did it, I broke fast the next day with a big bowl of.....CURRY MEE!! So much for detox, right?

Anyhow, I need to take up this challenge as my favourite jeans seemed to be getting tighter lately. Besides it may help with lowering my cholesterol too.

So I e-mailed my good friend, Flo to get the instructions of doing this Detox Fasting. Apparently this is the way advised by Yoga practitioners too....although there may be slight variations.

(excerpt from Flo's e-mail + my own words):

This fasting must be done 1 - 5 days before 1st day or 15th day of Lunar Calendar. So choose any one day which is most convenient for you.
I can't wait... so I am doing it this weekend!

Day 1:
Drink 500 ml of water in the morning after waking up.

WaterDo not take solid food for the whole day.
Try not to drink the whole day unless very thirsty - take a few sips.
If really really hungry, then take an apple but advisable not to.
Go to bed early at 10pm.

Day 2:
Wake up early (If working day - 5am. If Sat/Sun - 7am)
Prepare the "potion" (i.e Juice from 1 lemon + 1 teaspoon of sea salt + 500ml of room temperature water)

Lemon Drink the "potion".
Half an hour later, drink 500ml to 1 litre of water.
Purging will happen anytime soon and may happened a few times at no specific interval.
In between purging - drink about 500ml of water. Don't drink until want to "muntah".... Just drink what you can drink.
After all the purging, swallow little little bites of 1 banana - do not chew. This will act like a sponge to clean the lining of the intestines.


After that, u can take either fruits or yoghurt for breakfast. Yoghurt is good to replenish whatever good bacteria that is lost during the detox.
For lunch, take something light - vege or fruits then night as normal.

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