Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yesterday we had a company's bowling game. We left the office around noon and proceeded to Midvalley for company's lunch and bowling competition. We were divided into 4 groups.

Bowling Alleys You see, I was (and am) always very bad in fact, sports related activities were never my strength... :-( Anyway my performance in yesterday's game was not as bad as I anticipated. At least I did hit some pins in 99% of my attempts. I managed to get a few strikes too! And as far as I could remember, I never had a score of over 100. I scored 103 in one game yesterday... haha... my best record so far...pathetic isn't it?

Score Screen One of my team members was excellent in bowling. Because of him, we won the competition and each of us got a RM30 Jusco voucher. It's better than none...moreover it's a good break for us from work.

Some fun facts about bowling:
1) It's a good exercise that works 134 different muscles.
I am very sure it works at least 3- the arm, leg and butt muscles... cos I am feeling the sore at those areas today!

2) It improves hand-eye coordination.
Hmm....seemed like my hand and eye coordination was really out cos my eyes were focusing on one side but the ball was moving towards the other.

3) Pins are made of laminated maple coated in plastic.
Well if you are going to be constantly knocked out by big balls, you will need the extra protection, right?

Bowling Pins 4) To choose the correct size ball, find one with 1/10 of your weight.
Pretty fair..the heavier you are, the heavier your ball should be.

Bowling Balls 5) Bowling lanes are 43 inches wide and were traditionally made of hard rock maple for the first 15 feet then followed by pine and with maple again in the pin area. However nowadays, they tend to use synthetic lanes instead of wood.
Save the trees campaign?!

Bowling Lanes

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