Friday, April 23, 2010

Back stabber

I sometimes wonder about the term "back stabber". If lets say a team member of yours is not doing his/her job and your boss asked you about his/her work performance, would you tell your boss that everything is okay or would you tell the truth? If you told the truth, does that make you a "back stabber"?

I believe each of us need to take responsibility of what we are supposed to do. There shouldn't be a case of one person covering up facts to protect the other if all of us are taking that responsibility.

So before we condemn the "back stabber" to hell, perhaps we should first look at ourselves and analyse on whether what was "stabbed" about us is the truth. If indeed it is, then should we be blaming others for telling the truth?

I understand that a lot of truths spoken are for the purpose of bringing someone down. For those who back stab with those intentions, then to hell with them.

Then again, quoting a chinese saying, if you can sit properly and stand properly, why should you worry about what others say about you, right?

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