Monday, February 2, 2009

First day in Paris

(I am posting this using my iPod Touch, so I can't post any pictures.)

We finally reached Paris yesterday morning around 6am Paris time after a long 12 hours of flight. The CDG airport is pretty small, sort of reminded me of our old Subang airport. The signboards are pretty clear though letting you know where you should go to take taxi, bus or the RER(train station). However I noticed if the sign shows a vertical down arrow, it doesn't mean "go down". Instead it means "go straight". We were a bit confused by this when we were hunting for the toilet. If it is a diagonal down arrow, then that means "go down".

We went out to take a taxi and got a Chinese driver. He couldn't understand our English and we couldn't understand his French. Thank goodness he asked us whether we speak Chinese! So actually Chinese is also a very handy language in Paris.

The taxi ride from CDG to our hotel in Rue(means "road") Le Peletier cost €38,20. The journey is about 30mins. As we could only check in at 2pm, we left our luggages at the reception and we out to the Louvre Museum. It is sooo cold outside.... Brrrrrrr

As it is the 1st Sunday of the month, entry to this museum is free! Hopefully I get to borrow my colleague's laptop tonight so that I can post up some pics.

Okay time for me to get ready to go for my training. More posts coming soon.

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