Friday, February 6, 2009

I love my iPod, I really do

I am really thankful that I have an iPod Touch and I brought it to Paris with me.

You see, my colleague and I are sharing 1 laptop, but most of the time it's with him. So without my iPod, I would be disconnected from the outside world when I get back to the hotel. Hotel room very small leh, not much you can do. Somemore all the TV programs are in French, even the English ones. You see mouths moving but have no blardy idea what they are talking about. So it can be really boring in the room.

I am sure you may ask why are we staying in our rooms when we are in such a beautiful city? Well it gets very cold at night and when it's so cold, you just feel like hibernating. Besides that, it was raining here in the evening for the past few days, so we rather stay in the room after taking dinner.

I love my iPod, I really do. It's my Internet connection, it's my cellular phone (I use Skype on Fring to make phone calls), it's my music jukebox and my mini cinema (I watched "The Sound Of Music" yesterday) and of course, my blogging buddy.

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