Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paris Conman

Last Sunday after we visited Avenue des Champs Elysees (it's a famous street with lots of branded stores), my colleague and I decided that we would take a neighboring street which is quieter to walk back to the hotel. After all it was a nice day and by walking around, we were sure we would see more of Paris.

Indeed we did see more of Paris.

After walking for a while, we stopped and sat on one of the benches there. The street was quite quiet as all the shops there were closed for Sunday. As we were about to resume our journey, a car stopped at the road side and the driver called out to us, "Excuse me, Excuse me!".

I saw that the driver was alone and with a map in his hands. The first thing that came to my mind was that he was asking for directions. Not wanting to be rude, I walked over to the car and told him that we were tourists ourselves and did not know the roads well.

He then started to make conversation by asking where I came from etc. He told me that he's from Italy and was in Paris for fashion week.

Apparently he had a booth for fashion week and now that it's over, he didn't want to bring all his clothes back. So he asked whether I wanted to buy some of these branded clothes for a very low price. Immediately I smelled something fishy. The story just didn't make sense. I told him "NO!" and walked off. This guy also sped off.

Gosh... got people fall for such story one meh? Hmm... maybe because I can't afford those branded stuff to have any interest in it kua.

Perhaps if he had told me instead that he has cheap iPhone to sell, I would fall for it. ;-p

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