Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Have you ever experienced the feeling when you walk into a store and the shop assistant gave you this kind of look as if you can't afford to buy anything there? Well I do feel that sometimes when I go into those very high end shops back in KL. Sometimes I wondered, could it be because I was being over sensitive or were these people really that pigeon-eyes?

Anyway, I am bringing this up because I felt it again just now. However this time it wasn't in a store but a restaurant.

Today we decided to go to a French restaurant in Paris for dinner after a long day at Versailles. So after a short rest in the hotel, we asked the reception for a recommendation of nice but not too expensive French restaurant nearby. The reception told us about one which is about 20 metres away.

So off we went and upon checking the menu (it's displayed outside the restaurant), we found that it's within our budget. So we went in. When we opened the door, I already felt a bit uncomfortable as the waiters were formally dressed. The place was small and comfortable. However from the time we stepped into the restaurant, I just felt a sense of coldness. The waiter/captain who attended to us were not very friendly. No smile at all when he was serving us. I asked Gan and JM, was it because of us or Paris waiters are damn stuck up in general? I did notice they treated the local patrons differently.

When we were about to pay the bill, Gan asked whether we needed to tip. I told him that generally in Paris, you don't have to but if you are really happy with the food, you can go ahead and tip. Then I added, however in this case with the kind of service we were getting, we should just forget about it.

I am wondering again, am I being over sensitive or are these people just so pigeon-eyes?

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