Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peletier Haussmann Opera Hotel

Before I came to Paris, many people have already told me about the conditions of hotels here. "Hotel room is very small one", "No toiletries one", "Hotel looks very old one"...

Well of course they are not talking about high class hotels. Ordinary people like us who are not working for huge companies will always go for affordability, so around 2-3 stars is already good enough, somemore in Paris where the exchange rate is about 4.7.

The hotel that I am staying in is Peletier Haussmann Opera Hotel, located in Rue Le Peletier. I have to say that the location is really good as it is about 20 steps (about lah!) from the nearest Metro station.

It is indeed a small hotel where the reception person recognises each and everyone of the guests. Don't even think of sneaking an additional person in while paying for a single occupancy!

Although it's small, I thought it's really cosy. The staff there speaks english and so no communication problem. Anyhow being a polite person I am, I always greet them Bonjour (Good day) and Merci (Thank you) whenever applicable. Those are the only French I know, so may as well make good use of them. :-p

The room rate I got through my company's booking is €80 for single occupancy, €90 for double and €95 for triple. I was told upon check-in that breakfast (€6/person) is included in my room rate.

Breakfast is the same everyday. Each person will get a croissant and a long bread, coffee/tea and a glass of orange juice. So far I am still enjoying the taste of croissant with butter.

As 3 of us will be sharing the room on the 3rd week, the hotel allocated this room with 3 beds (1 double + 1 make shift) for me since day one. I am guessing that this must be one of the bigger rooms in the hotel to accommodate all the beds. So currently I do have plenty of space, using the other 2 beds for my bag and worn clothes, hehe.

3 persons in a room next week, geez.... I wonder how's that like. It's been really a while since I share my room with so many people. Hmm... where will I be dumping my bag and clothes then ah?

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