Friday, January 30, 2009

Rush Rush

I am flying to Paris tomorrow night and I feel as if there are tonnes of things that I haven't done.

I haven't started to pack, I haven't gone through my training materials, I haven't learned (and mastered) any basic French phrases, I haven't done enough research on where to visit and how to get there... gosh.. so many things!

Perhaps I am getting a bit nervous because I am going to a country which I haven't been before and on top of that, a country that speaks very little english. Thank goodness I am going with a colleague, so instead of 1 person pointing the fingers everywhere; there will be 2 people doing that. ;-)

Although everything seems to be rush rush, I have to admit that I am feeling rather excited of going there. I haven't been to such a far away place for quite some time already. If I remember correctly, the last long haul trip that I made was to New York in 2005.

I am sure everything will turn out great and hopefully I will be able to update my blog when I am there. Au Revoir!

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