Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paris, Here I /We Come!!

After waiting for almost 3 weeks, I finally gotten the answer. My training in Paris is finally confirmed to be ON!!! Yeahhhhhh.....

Actually I was supposed to go there last November but as my boss "reserved" me for something else, my place was swapped with another colleague. The "reserved" thing didn't happen and with the current economy, I was really worried that my trip to Paris would be cancelled. So I tried to keep my hopes down as I didn't want be too disappointed if plans were to change.

Then 2 weeks ago, my boss told me about the possibility that the training will be relocated to somewhere else... somewhere which was very undesirable (at least to me). I was sooooo disappointed and my whole day was covered with dark clouds. Then the location got changed to US which the clouds cleared a little bit and finally back to Paris (the clouds totally cleared then). I of course was very happy it's back to Paris as I never been there before. I wanna go see Mona Lisa leh!!

I was supposed to get an email from the training center in Paris to really confirm my trip but I didn't receive anything. I think my boss also got a bit fed up with me as I kept pestering her on whether the trip is still on or not, even when I was on my 1 week vacation in Singapore.

I finally received THE email 2 days ago.... and I can now start to buy my winter clothing and change my money to Euros. I have less than a week to get all these done... and I definitely need to do some shopping this Chinese New Year.

The training will be for 2 weeks and I am extending my stay for a week. Gan and JM will be joining me at the end of the 2nd week and we will be a threesome in exploring the beauty of the City of Romance, hehehe.... I am sure it will be very fun!!!

Haven't done any planning on where to go and where to stay though. Guess we will need to make time to sit down and plan the itinerary.

Paris, Here I/We Come!!

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