Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mission Unaccomplished

I am currently in Singapore for my 5 days holiday. I was supposed to do this a month ago but my boss cancelled my leaves then.

I am planning of having a very relaxing time here. If I feel like it, I will go out. Else I will just rot indoors in front of the laptop or the TV. Anyhow, I did plan to do some Chinese New Year shopping although so far (my 2nd day here), I have yet to buy a single clothing.

I instead bought myself the new Fish Leong's album which is very very nice and came in 2 CDs. I would recommend this to anyone but then again, I am her fan and may not be very objective about it.

Today I went out to Orchard Road in the mission of buying myself some new clothes. Nah.. mission still left unaccomplished. Didn't feel the CNY mood la... somemore there isn't any elaborate CNY decorations in Orchard Road.

Anyway I did manage to catch a Lion Dance performance at Centrepoint Mall. That would be my first for the Year of the Ox. After watching that, I felt a tinge of CNY mood, but still not enough to fulfill my mission. Sigh...

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