Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cookie, Anyone?

I am never into cookies but this one certainly got my attention - the LG Cookie or also known as LG KP500. It's a touchscreen phone that runs on LG's proprietary operating system. I haven't seen the real thing yet but it certainly looks delicious in pictures and videos.

The most interesting "feature" of all is its price! I read that it's priced at RM899. RM899 for a touchscreen phone leh! That's a damn good deal! Well, the downside of it is no 3G and no Wifi la. Other than that, it seems okay to me. Full specs here.

Nah... I wouldn't trade this with my beloved LG KS20. However I do think it can make a good and affordable Christmas gift for that someone special who doesn't expect a phone to do everything.

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