Friday, December 19, 2008

MCMC so "powderful"

I am so impressed with Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC). After complaining to them a few days ago about the problems I am facing with my mobile phone service, I got their response yesterday. They actually tried contacting me but as I was tied up in my training, I didn't take the call.

About an hour after receiving that, I got a call from a Maxis representative asking me in details about the problems that I faced. FYI, for so many years when I was with Maxis, NEVER ONCE had I received a call from them to clarify about my reported problems. See how powerful (or "powderful" if you prefer) the MCMC is!

The problems I am facing are not really that service affecting, and I know this doesn't mean that they will get them solved in light speed. Anyhow, it felt good that all these big shot telco companies are finally on their toes and listen to you.

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