Sunday, December 28, 2008

Apple for Christmas

I got my first apple this Christmas. This apple la!

Yeah... I have never owned an Apple product before, not even an iPod Shuffle which is the cheapest among the iPods. The mp3 player than I have been using was this.

This is the Creative Zen V Plus 4GB which I bought from Singapore. I don't think it's still in the market now. It has served me well although it is just a mp3 player.

Anyhow when iPod Touch came out, I was really excited. It's like the inferior and cheaper sibling of the iPhone minus the phone features, Bluetooth and camera. Most of the other cool features are there though. I tried playing with it before at those Mac shops and I really loved it. Surfing the net using iPod Touch's Safari feels so great as compared to surfing the net using my PDA phone. Serious! It is really fast and easy.

Besides that, it comes with an accelerometer which aligns the screen display accordingly when the device is rotated. This accelerometer also allows many motion related games to be played.

Oh, and it looks really nice too... just like iPhone. So I only dreamed of owning one as I couldn't get myself to pay for it.

My dream came true this Christmas when I got a 8G iPod Touch 2nd Generation from Hong Kong as a gift! I was so ecstatic although initially I thought it's an iPhone, hehe.

This iPod has kept me very busy throughout the Christmas holidays. I was busy copying my music albums from my laptop to it; busy downloading all those free applications and games; and busy converting some of my favourite movies to iPod format. Also getting used to the iTunes took up a lot of my time.

I really love surfing the net through its Safari, as well as checking my mails using its Mail application. The music sounded much better than my previous mp3 player and the games are incredible... many are free some more! No wonder it's called the funnest iPod.

Hmm... now that I have an Apple product, can I consider myself as one of the cool guys??

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