Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I switched to the smarter side

By now, I am sure many of us already know what Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is. MNP is basically the government's implementation that allow you to change your mobile phone service provider without having to change your existing phone number. Well if previously what is stopping you from changing your service provider is the hassle of informing people about your new mobile phone number; then this is no longer a concern.

I made use of the beauty of MNP today. All this while I have been using Maxis and although I don't think it sucks big time, I don't seem to get anything from my loyalty to them. I do find their spams rather irritating at times but I heard Celcom users had it even worse. Well..and then there is this complaint I made numerous time to them which until now has yet to be resolved. This is on the problem where although I successfully received a MMS, they will still send me a SMS a few days later informing me that the MMS has failed to be delivered. The most frustrating thing of all is that these SMSes usually come to me after midnight!

So with MNP, I started to make some survey on other service providers. Using my previous month's mobile phone bill, I calculated the cost based on the different rates of different service providers. You can refer here for the rates. Then I found out that with DiGi, my bill is less than with Maxis. The difference is about RM10 leh... and wanting a change, I decided to switch to DiGi.

Off I went to SS2 to carry out this task. Went to Maxis first thinking that I should pay whatever outstanding balance that I have with them. This is very important!!! If you owe them anything, they will refuse to "release" you. After checking with the girl there, I have no outstanding amount, just unbilled amount ... which is okay as they will send me the bill after the due date.

Then I went to DiGi and went through the switching process. It's really simple actually. Just give them your existing phone number and your IC. They will do everything for you. I opted for their postpaid plan DG50. Then they gave me my new SIM card in a little package (front and back) as below:

Well, this SIM card cannot be used yet... not until Maxis confirmed that they will "release" me and DiGi to activate the line. The DiGi person told me the maximum time to wait for activation is 48 hours. I read from forums that the fastest was 24 hours. Guess what? Mine was activated after about 3 hours!!!

So how did I know that mine is activated? Well Maxis sent me a SMS telling me that they have received my switching request and all those thank you and bye bye stuff. Then DiGi sent me a SMS saying that I can change my SIM card.

So after changing my SIM card, I am now a DiGi subscriber.

Well... that remains to be seen actually... whether this move is the smarter side or the dumber side. I will let you know...

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