Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am attending an external training this week. Come to think of it, it has been quite some time since my last training, external one that is. This time around my training is being held around KLCC area, an area that scares me a lot because of the amount of people and traffic jams.

Anyhow, it is still a good opportunity for me to meet up friends who are working around that area, which I did. I met up with an old friend last night. We haven't been in touch for a while now, and it was great to be able to meet up.

To me, there are these 2 types of turnout when meeting friends whom you lost contact with. First type of turnout is that we have drifted away so far that there is no longer a common topic to talk about. The meeting will end up being very awkward and "forced" and much energy and effort needed to get the evening going.

The second type of turnout is like daytime soap opera. Even after you have missed many episodes, you can still catch up with what has happened as if there isn't any gap at all. I always hope for this type of turnout as I can be just the way I am and we can just spend time together like old times. I noticed that this only happens when the other person is someone who is very close and dear to you.

I am so glad that the turnout with my old friend, JM last night was of the second type. We basically chatted away for 2 hours and poured our hearts out. We behaved and spoke to each other like how we did in our undergraduate years... well, with more maturity la.

During this conversation, we both agreed that as we grow older, our circle of friends is getting smaller. We do not seem to put so much effort in making new friends anymore.

When I got back, I thought about what we have said pertaining to this. Then I started thinking to myself... perhaps I shouldn't worry so much about not making new friends. Perhaps what I should be doing is to re-connect with all these close and dear old friends of mine whom I have lost contact with.

It's true... good friends are really hard to find. I am so happy that some good friends still remain as good friends even when we are apart.

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