Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's it to you?

I got to know a new friend through Gan yesterday. He is some technology manager for a media company and has started his current job a few months ago.

As the stereotype goes... majority of the guys who are in creative related jobs such as advertising, media, fashion, etc would be gays. So this new friend of mine was almost always been suspected as one although he is straight and has a girlfriend. FYI, he is not effeminate in anyway but is well groomed and carries himself well.

I think my point here is not on whether he is or he is not. I just wonder why we all have this obsession of trying to figure someone out on what his/her sexual orientation is, especially when this person is in a certain industry or doesn't live according to what we perceive as a "normal" lifestyle.

Would knowing someone's orientation change your perception on him/her? If so, why? I don't see any reasons for concern unless you, your friend or a family member is dating that person. Would a person that you respect all along be anything less to you if he/she turned out to be "alternative"? If so, then you have to reflect on this person's qualities that you respected before and ask yourself what has changed.

No matter what choices or "lack of choices" a person takes, before you start judging... ask yourself "What's it to you?"

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