Tuesday, June 17, 2008


With the increase in petrol prices, the rest of everything is following suit as well. Even the economy rice aunty near my office has increased the prices. Previously I usually get away with lunch for around RM3 from that stall. Now, at least RM3.50... even when I bring my own plastic container and spoon.

Cost of living is getting higher here and everywhere else, no doubt about it. Changing of lifestyle is inevitable... as what our "beloved" Abdullah has continuosly "bestowed" to us.

I started to think... for me who is single and earning an average pay, I am already feeling the pinch. What more about those who earn less and with kids to feed? These families usually need cars to ferry them around... not as if they have a choice. How to bring the whole family out by public transport?... especially with our damn horrible, terrible, vegetable type of public transport systems?!

I talked to a friend recently and shared with him this view of mine. He disagreed. He said that we are the ones (FYI, he earns much more than me) who will be affected most because we he has higher commitments (you know... luxurious car and the house) and pay higher taxes.

Well, I stand by my point. There are people out there who will be starving because of this. Who gives a damn about the luxurious stuff that we need to support! We may have the option to settle for something less. There are people out there who doesn't.

Anyhow, it's going to be a turbulent ride for all of us. Just hope the ride will not be a long and catastrophic one.

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